The Silly Season

Yesterday afternoon at the grocery store I got into a discussion with the 20-somethingish checkout girl regarding the heft of the Sunday paper and the emotional cost of paying attention to current events these days. To my surprise, she was completely unaware of the concept of the Silly Season.

For any youngsters out there, a long time ago, way back in 2015, nothing much happened in August. Waking up and checking to see if World War III had started with a tweet was not yet a thing. Everyone went away on holiday in August, so the unfortunate junior editors, second year hacks and unpaid interns stuck manning the ship at major news outlets were left with little material to make their copy. Apparently increasing the font size was not acceptable so the kids were left, unsupervised, to write about pretty much anything. Ergo, articles on crack addled squirrels and killer chipmunks.

Sadly my lack of blogging activity of late has not been down to a lack of material but lack of time. I’m still working, so time at Plot Four is limited. When I do get there, the visit always starts with a “quick walk around to pull up the odd weed before it sets seed” that turns into an hour job each time. This is followed by a little bit of late sowing of radishes in pots or leafy things that will overwinter in the space soon to be freed up when I dig up the second early potatoes.

This leads swiftly along into harvesting. Thankfully this is one activity that The Enabler very much enjoys. We’ve given up harvesting in cute little punnets, instead cramming carrier bags and gravel trays with as much veg as we possibly can carry in one trip. The fun isn’t over yet though, because everything has to be processed.   My freezer is filling up with boxes of pasta sauce, beans and ratatouille for the winter. The ratatouille was completely homegrown, including both the aubergines and the sweet peppers, for the very first time. You will have to take my word for it though because The Enabler managed to chop nearly everything before I could take a proper picture. Meanwhile, the pantry is also filling up with jams and more pickles, properly labeled this time. Then, after all that is done, we have to clean the kitchen…

If this sounds like a bit of a whine and a bouquetmoan, I don’t mean it to. It is hard work for sure, but it is completely worth all the effort. Nearly all of the vegetables we eat now are homegrown. On Saturday I walked home from the plot with a generous bouquet that I grew myself from seeds and tubers. This must be how the Queen spends her days, trotting about with flowers, except without the filthy fingernails and a very muddy outfit.

My plan is to take some time off at the end of the month. Fingers crossed that hope will triumph over past experience and the summer weather will hold out. Plus I hope to have more time to keep everyone abreast of the latest happenings at Plot Four! Until then, rest assured that I am most likely running about the plot with a crazed look and slightly matted hair. Like a very silly person indeed…

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  1. I found myself nodding and smiling reading this post. I tend to think of it as the harvest season as that’s what I mostly do on my plot visits at present. Fingers crossed for good weather right through into late autumn! Happy plotting. xx


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