We need to talk about branding

The other evening The Enabler spent some time pickling and jamming. Here are the results:

2017-08-01 22.42.07

Lovely, but (taps foot impatiently), do explain how I will spin this blogging malarkey into an actual job if we can’t get our branding sorted? Would the Garden Betty just put the name of the pickle on the jar? I think not! The plot must be referenced. Always.

Also (rolls eyes), estragon? Using the French word for tarragon is all fine and well, but hadn’t we agreed on ‘extra con’ to sneak in a little bit of swearyness on the sly??? I’ve not got much in the way of actual, useful advice to share, so we need to drop tidbits of information where we can. Literally anything will do.

Moving swiftly along to the jams. Better. At least we’ve got Plot IV on the label (nods approvingly). But. It’s “Plot IV Preserves”. Front and center. Get the brand out there darling…


These slips simply will not do. Sure, you make excellent jam (the set on this batch is perfect), provide muscle when needed, build sheds and dance floors and generally put up with my allotment shenanigans, but you will need to step up your game. I’m not asking much… non?


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