Courgette Envy

Lovely recipes for courgetti noodle soup and courgette cakes are all over the place these days. Everybody seems to be boasting posting about their courgette gluts. I shan’t be joining them. Not because I’m super humble, but because I have nothing (and have yet to have anything) to boast about on the courgette front.

My courgettes have been plagued by powdery mildew three years running. In stark contrast, Lovely Neighbour on Plot Five (LNoP5) has a completely mildew free plot and a healthy supply of very large courgettes, bordering on marrows methinks… To try and emulate such bounty, this year I splashed out on rather expensive F1 Yolanda seeds, purported to be mildew resistant. Resistant my arse. Not only did they get just as much mildew as my usual Romanesco, but the Yolandas are quite small and stunted too. All of the infected leaves have been removed, and fingers crossed, some baby courgettes might be on the way.

Not all is lost on the squashy-things front. Cucumbers in the greenhouse are doing quite well. Sadly I’ve not come across a nice cucumber cake recipe. A mystery squash has sprung up in front of the compost area. Not sure what it is, but it might have crook-neck parentage from the looks of it. It is blocking the compost bins, so it has one week to prove its usefulness or else! I also have several melons in waiting, and even two outside.


In my three sisters area, at least two of the sisters are doing pretty well. Not to count my pumpkins before they are ripened, but it looks mostly good on that front. Some sizeable butternut squash are on the way, at least four nice carving pumpkins are coming along nicely and something has kindly had a go at carving my Crown Prince pumpkins. Sadly though my Uchiki Kuris are suffering a bit, from what else but powdery mildew… If anyone knows of a mildew resistant variety, for real this time, please let me know!

All is not lost on the courgette front though.  Maybe my plants might recover, but in the meantime I’ve been gifted some lovely large courgettes by LNoP5.  I’m off to research recipes for marrow and ginger jam!

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  1. Oh no… sorry to hear you haven’t had much luck on the courgette front. We always suffer from mildew, it looks terrible but doesn’t affect out squash harvests, so don’t give up hope just yet! And thanks for the link to our recipe. 😉


  2. I have mildew on everything right now, crookneck, courgettes and cucumbers, I’m just watering loads and cutting off the leaves. So far it hasn’t affected the amount of squashes. This year I’m taking off all leaves underneath the last fruit, which seems to be helping. Good luck!


  3. I’m not keen on courgettes so don’t generally grow them, especially as space is tight on my half plot. I’m envious of the melons as they’re something I would grow if I had a greenhouse. xx


    1. That particular melon (petit gris de rennes I think, from Real Seeds) is in fact outside!

      It was in a small plastic shed/greenhouse, but it blew apart twice and I couldn’t bother to fix it a second time. So the melons are out in the open. The ones in the proper greenhouse are doing better and the hottish weather may be helping outside, but still there are two for now. Will let you know how they get on!

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