This year’s Christmas present maybe???

The Enabler’s mother is visiting this week — Bonjour! In an attempt to brush up on my French in advance, we have been watching the French news during dinner. It must be said that there does seem to be more than a tiny bit of smugness coming through these days… The newsreaders seem quite satisfied that they don’t have to report on their President’s twitter activity or the activities of his Fredo Corleone-like offspring. Instead they report on how France will ban all petrol and diesel cars by 2040, ice cream and salad planting machines.

So, apparently automation is changing the way crops are harvested on an industrial scale. They now have machines that hoover up apples when they are ready for picking,

robots that scan strawberries for ripeness, and my personal favourite, an automated system for planting lettuces.

Basically, lettuce seeds are planted into a little bandolier type system. When it is time to plant they are fed through the back of a tractor-like machine fitted with a row of tillers

that plant out all of the seedlings in neat lines. It would make quick work of the lettuces that need to go in soon, and surely could be adapted to the beetroots that also need to go out. Also it looks like it would be quite fun to drive it around the plot. My paths might not be quite wide enough, but still, looks like fun!

Obviously I’m not being paid to advertise the Planttape system. I suspect that it somewhat outside the budget of the average allotmenteer and I’m not fully certain that it would fit through the allotment gate. Still, it looks totally amazing and I want one!!! Perhaps it maybe everybody I knew clubbed together, it could be a joint birthday-Christmas present this year? Start saving up…

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  1. Would like to see you operating one of those machines. If you could get those fresh crops to me I’d think about contributing to get it as a birthday/Christmas gift for life. Love the blog.


    1. It would result in the mother of all gluts, which of course would be happily shared with all and sundry (and probably left on random people’s doorsteps in the dead of the night)! Glad you are enjoying my silly ramblings xx


  2. That seems to take all the fun out of plotting so I’ll stick my non-automated methods. Perhaps if the plot was a bit bigger by a few acres I might consider it. xx


    1. but driving it around…! Seriously though, a down-scaled version of the little bandolier type system might be handy, if it was not too pricey. Would save time and might give my manicure a fighting chance 😉

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