Meet the plot – The shed

Taking on Plot 4 was a big job. After The Enabler, the next thing that made all that progress possible was the old shed left behind by the previous tenant.

old shedIt wasn’t the prettiest of sheds, but it was useful. Having a place to keep my stuff was really convenient. There were also many items left behind. A fair bit of it was rubbish — old rusty tools and the like — but some things, like netting, cable ties and bamboo poles have been put to good use.

It was clear though that this was only temporary. Despite the previous owners’ efforts to strengthen the shed, it had become a bit rickety. It did see me through two whole winters, but just barely limped through a third. I needed a new shed.

I don’t actually believe in divine intervention, but sometimes it seems like the universe intervenes and grants you what you need, when you need it. It’s probably more that I am very fortunate that how to store things on my shed startgenerous allotment is a “problem” in my world and there are lovely people around who can help solve it. Anyway, Lovely Neighbour on Plot 5 recently downsized from a full plot to a half plot. Her former plot partner had left behind an old Wendy house belonging to his daughter, now 15. The roof had been removed at the start of an unfinished project to make a shed-greenhouse hybrid. LNonP5 needed to clear up half her plot before the new tenant started, so she offered us the Wendy house as a potential new shed.

It all happened very fast. We roped in Lovely Neighbour’s Tea-making Husband, and within a couple of hours we had ripped apart the old shed and moved the house, the heavy concrete beams that serve as a base and the roof panels. Then The Enabler took over. He used the cladding from the old roof panels to raise the walls up three feet on one side, two on the other. Then he bought two polycarb roofing sheets, attached them to a frame made of 2×2 beams and installed a sloping roof. He removed the old door (but salvaged the handle), cut out a grown-up sized opening and made a door from leftover wood and hardware from Wilko.


Then, what color? Having been very thrifty to that point, we splashed out on some lovely blue paint. But what about the trim? The Builder from Plot 3 did offer us some yellow paint, but word quickly spread that we were building an IKEA shed. This would not do. Again, Universe to the rescue. I left my pink gardening bag on a chair next to the shed, et voilà, decision made!

Things looked pretty Instagramable, but TE took it one step further. A few pallets were converted into a deck for a seating area, but that wasn’t enough either… A roof was dancefloorconstructed, covered with more polycarbonate, and with the help of The Teacher from Plot 2A the roof was raised. Now we have a place to stash our stuff and somewhere to wait out any passing showers. Really though it looks more like a dance floor. All we need is a disco ball and we’ll be set!

There still is a bit of work to do, besides the disco ball. TE has installed guttering and moved two water butts into place, but we don’t yet have a downpipe leading into the water butt. He also still needs to install some sort of acrylic glass to cover the windows, hopefully before winter. Eventually the interior walls will be clad and shelves installed for more effective storage. I would also like to plant a rose shed left, and maybe a grape vine shed right. Some sort of shading for the deck would be useful too. For now though, I’ve got the perfect place to survey my domain!



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    1. The disco ball might actually happen. The Enabler needs to choose his words with care, as often what starts off as a joke gets taken seriously rather quickly! Glad you are enjoying my musings xx


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