Welcome to “Look what I dug up today”!

I spend way too much time lurking on allotment blogs.  It’s amazing how much interest and enthusiasm there is out the for growing your own!  Since blog pic 4taking on my moderately neglected plot in September 2014, I’ve turned to the many talented plot people on the internet for advice and entertainment.  I’ve stolen ideas, been inspired to try new things and been reassured many times that some poor innocent plant has not been totally done in by my neglect, inexperience or plain stupidity.

At first it was A LOT of work.  My plot neighbours did a great job helping to strim down and burn the worst of the weeds, but still, there was plenty to do.  I spent hours excavating things — two bathtubs, bits of what looks like chimney pipes, scaffolding poles, weed suppressant membrane (totally covered in weeds), plastic fencing, and a three bed flat’s worth of carpet.  Then came the weeds.  Brambles, nettles, comfrey that had gone feral, and way too much couch grass.  Thankfully no mares tail though!

I totally admire those who have blogged from the contact imagebeginning, but sadly I could not manage that.  Digging and clearing to get the plot to where I wanted it took up most of my spare time, and researching and planning my new hobby took up the rest.  Plus, I’m a very keen chorister, and my job can be demanding.  But in early 2017 it seemed like time to start participating more actively.  Also, a blog seemed like a good way to share what’s going on with friends and family abroad.

But what to call my blog?  I needed something catchy like some of my favourites, like mudandgluts, lavenderandleeks or realmensow.  Well, cometh the moment cometh the domain name.  On a somewhat drizzly day I was clearing out-of-control comfrey that was encroaching on my pond liner, and out came the mother of all roots. comfreyroot 1This thing was as thick as my forearm. Six feet long on one side and two and a half on the other before I broke it! A couple of pictures and a text to The Enabler later, and lookwhatiduguptoday.com was born.

And then, life got in the way and I sat on my newly acquired domain name for three months, but now I’m giving it another go! I have only a small clue as to what I’m doing in the allotment, and no clue what I’m doing when it comes to blogging.  Wish me luck…

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  1. I found myself smiling when I read this as my plot was a lot of work when I took it on ten years ago, and like you I had only a small clue as what I was doing. Blogging about it was easier as I’d already been blogging about other things for a couple of years. Rest assured that both do get easier over the years, and I still enjoy both.
    Good luck, on both counts. xx


    1. Hello! Thanks for the kind words and sorry to be just replying now. I thought that I had clicked the “get an email when someone comments” button, but evidently not. It was only because The Aunties were asking how come their comments hadn’t appeared that I thought to check! Good to know that this blogging malarky gets easier 😉

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